release notes

Post date: Aug 23, 2019 1:27:28 PM

  • Issue 969 - Illuminated Cloud now includes a status bar widget that displays the configured connection for the current file similar to the version control branch status bar widget. When clicked, all connections which are valid for the current file's module are displayed, and the following actions are available for each connection:

    • Set as connection for <module> - Switches the module containing the current file to use the selected connection. If more than one module uses the current configured connection, the user is prompted whether to update just the current file's module or all modules that use that connection. Not available for the current configured connection.

    • Open connection... - Opens the selected connection in a Web browser.

    • Edit connection... - Opens the connection manager for the selected connection.

    • Note that this is not intended to be a replacement for the Open connection toolbar drop-down. This view only shows connections which are valid for the current file's module and not all configured connections. See below for a usability enhancement to the Open connection feature that's also in this build.

  • Added a keyboard shortcut for Open connection, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O on Windows/Linux and Cmd+Opt+Shift+O on Mac. A searchable/filterable list of all configured connections is displayed.

  • Added the username to the traced entity selector when creating a trace flag for a user.

  • Made the new log configuration dialog's traced entity selector searchable/filterable. Type the partial name/username of a user or name/namespace of an Apex class/trigger to filter the list for simplified selection.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.