release notes

Post date: Aug 20, 2019 1:57:17 PM

  • Issue 1344 - The correct tab should be displayed in tabbed editors when debugging JavaScript via Jest, opening search results, etc. This isn't a perfect solution, but given the limitations of the plugin SDK around multi-tabbed editors, it's probably as close as it's going to get until first-class support is available.

  • Issue 1372 - Added debug level and trace flag configuration to Illuminated Cloud. From Log Analyzer, select the connection for which configuration should occur and click the Configure Logging toolbar button to open the configuration dialog:

    • Debug levels

      • Add, edit, and remove named debug levels.

      • Use log level presets to configure debug levels for debugging or profiling.

      • NOTE: The special SFDC_DevConsole debug level cannot be deleted or renamed, but its log levels can be configured.

    • Trace flags

      • Add, edit, and remove trace flags. User-defined trace flags can be created for users or Apex classes and triggers.

      • Set the effective period for each trace flag via the start date (optional) and expiration date.

      • Easily refresh or remove expired trace flags using the respective toolbar buttons.

    • NOTE: Changes to debug levels and trace flags are not committed to Salesforce until the dialog is dismissed with the Save button. Pending changes can be discarded using the Cancel button.

  • Other fixes and improvements.