release notes

Post date: Jul 25, 2019 12:11:15 AM

Very shortly after I released to address issues with WebStorm 2019.2, JetBrains released IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 and PyCharm 2019.2. I updated the build for the new version which identified a few other issues with Illuminated Cloud 2 and the 2019.2 release family, most in IC2 but at least one in the base IDE for which I had to implement a quick workaround.

This release,, addresses all of the issues I've found with 2019.2 except for Java 11 support. A build of with pre-release Java 11 support is available here. I hope to promote that to the official release in the next few days pending additional testing.

  • Issues 1359 / 1362 - The 2019.2 base IDE updates introduced some issues that are partially addressed in this build:

    • Had to disable SOQL/RegExp string literal language injection in all IDEs due to an incompatible plugin SDK change. JetBrains has provided guidance on how to register this feature conditionally based on the characteristics of the underlying IDE and plugin SDK. I'll implement this guidance in an upcoming build to restore the feature.

    • Improved the messaging around Java 11 JRE incompatibility, in particular what actions must be taken by the end user to move to a Java 8 JRE using the JB SDK Bintray Downloader. Full support for a Java 11 JRE is in testing now and will be available once I feel comfortable that it won't cause any issues.