release notes

Post date: Jul 10, 2019 6:53:2 PM (bug fix reissue of

  • Issue 1339 - The Apex string literal injection support added in caused issues with WebStorm. Those issues should be fixed now, and that feature should work in WebStorm just as in IntelliJ IDEA.

  • Issue 1207 - Added support for parameter name hints in Apex. Behavior can be configured via Settings/Preferences>Editor>General>Appearance using the Configure... button beside Show parameter name hints and selecting Apex for Language.

  • Added support for Apex string literal language injection for dynamic SOQL queries and regular expressions. Language injection allows you to work with code inside of string literals using editor features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, reference navigation, and syntax/semantic validation. Calls to System.Database.query() with string literals or string concatenation expressions will automatically be treated as SOQL. Calls to System.Pattern.compile()and System.Pattern.matches() will automatically treat string literals or string concatenation expressions for the pattern argument as regular expressions. It is also possible to use // Language=Apex and // Language=RegExp comments immediately above other string literals and string concatenation expressions to force injection of SOQL and regular expression languages respectively. Code completion and reference injection/navigation for bind parameters in injected SOQL are also supported.

    • NOTE: SOQL queries constructed via string concatenation may result in invalid syntax from the perspective of the injection handler, e.g., String query = 'SELECT Id FROM ' + objectType + ' ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC'; results in an injected query of SELECT Id FROM ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC. In this situation Illuminated Cloud will disable syntax and semantic validation for the injected query, and code completion, reference navigation, etc., may not work. Syntax highlighting will still work properly.

  • Issue 1232 (redux) - Fixed a variation of this issue that could occur when performing a force save from a directory to deploy all of its contents.

  • Issue 1334 - Fixed a recent regression that prevented explicit deployment of meta.xmlfiles.

  • Issue 1338 - Added support for API 46.0's @AuraEnabled Continuation parameter.

  • Prospective fix for a deadlock observed by some users when a password is incorrect or expired.

  • Fixed an issue that could occur in the IDE's default directory comparison tool when an archive-type static resource file is selected.

  • Quite a few other small fixes and improvements.