release notes

Post date: May 23, 2019 5:43:14 PM

  • SFDX-develop-against-any-org modules now have full feature parity with traditional/MDAPI modules:

    • The Retrieve for Merge action is now available.

    • Namespace translation and deployment/retrieval substitution rules are now available.

  • It's now possible to deploy/retrieve/delete metadata selectively against an OAuth connection from a scratch org module. These actions are available via the toolbar and drop-down/context menus, but the respective keyboard shortcuts are still mapped to push/pull when working in such a module.

    • A new Salesforce DX configuration option, Allow deploy/retrieve/delete operations against scratch orgs (disabled by default), allows these actions to be performed directly against scratch orgs. This can be very useful for comparing the local project metadata to the contents of a scratch org or performing discrete metadata deployments/retrievals when working with scratch orgs, but note that these operations bypass the Salesforce DX source sync API.

  • Salesforce DX projects with both sfdx-project.json and manifest/package.xml files are no longer concretely inferred as SFDX-develop-against-any-org modules. It is now possible to choose either OAuth connections or scratch org connections for these modules, and the module's behavior is then determined based on the type of the selected connection.

  • Several enhancements/fixes for incremental OST generation on successful deployment of SObject/field metadata:

    • Implemented for scratch org push actions.

    • Skipped when deploying/pushing to a connection other than the one configured for the deployed/pushed module.

    • Fixed a few issues with resolution of deployed decomposed SObject metadata.

  • Added missing schema definitions for LWC target configs to the metadata XSD used for code completion and validation of metadata XML documents. Note that due to aggressive caching of XSDs by the IDE, you may need to navigate into the underlying XSD using Ctrl+B/Cmd+B on an existing recognized element to force the XSD to be re-evaluated.

  • Fixed a bug where metadata deployment/retrieval state wasn't tracked properly when deploying/retrieving against a non-project connection.

  • Fixed a bug where child metadata files in decomposed source format structures were incorrectly shown as instances of the parent metadata type in the build options dialog.

  • Fixed a bug where project connections were only being filtered by name and not connection type in the project configuration table.

  • Fixed a number of issues with the Salesforce DX new project and module wizards.

  • Removed the force:org:list invocation that was intended to "warm" the CLI's org list on project open because it could result in a hang when the CLI misbehaves.

  • Other fixes and improvements.