release notes

Post date: Apr 26, 2019 5:46:4 PM

  • Issue 1093 - It is now possible to specify certain connections as "sacred", i.e., confirmation is required before any IDE-initiated operation that could change the associated organization's metadata and/or data. This includes metadata deployment and delete operations and anonymous Apex execution. To prevent accidental modification of these sacred environments, the user is prompted every time one of these operations is requested against an organization with this option enabled. Icons for connections with this option enabled include a lock overlay in the bottom-right-hand portion.

    • NOTE: Illuminated Cloud will not automatically update any existing connections to enable this option. Users are encouraged to audit all existing connections after updating to this release or higher to enable the option for all connections against organizations for which any modification should be explicitly confirmed.

    • NOTE: This option is only available for native Illuminated Cloud connections and Salesforce CLI connections against non-scratch orgs. It is specifically not available for connections against scratch orgs.

  • Improved usability in the scratch org creation dialog/process:

    • The Load Scratch Org Definition action is now a much more obvious hyperlink button instead of a relatively obscure file open button beside the organization name field.

    • The user is no longer forced to save the scratch org definition even if there have been modifications since loading. Instead the user is prompted as to whether to save, and if declined a temporary scratch org definition file is written and used.

    • If a scratch org definition file was loaded, the same name is used by default when the user elects to save the modified scratch org definition.

  • Fixed several issues with deployment and retrieval of foldered metadata in SFDX-develop-against-any-org modules.

  • Improved presentation of error message information when SFDX-develop-against-any-org deployment fails with a header-level error message and no line-level errors.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the required namespace prefix from being included in accepted code completions in the SOQL Query and Anonymous Apex tool windows.

  • Fixed a potential NPE that could occur after creating a new project.