release notes

Post date: Jan 22, 2019 6:59:57 PM

  • Issue 87 - 1:M relationships are now displayed in the SOQL Query tool window. There are now two tabs, one that displays the results in tabular form as before and another that displays the results in tree form. In tabular form sub-relations are displayed as RelationshipName[index].FieldName for all results for queried sub-relations. In tree form the result set is displayed with each row from the result set as a root node and fields/sub-relations as child nodes.

  • Issue 273 - In the SOQL Query tool window, queried fields with all null values are now displayed properly.

  • Issue 1046 - The SOQL Query tool window now includes a Copy results toolbar button which copies the entire tabular result set to the clipboard as both an HTML-formatted table and tab-delimited plain text including the header row. This is also a partial response to issue 229 which requests CSV/XLS/XML export of query results as the HTML-formatted clipboard contents can be pasted into applications like Excel.