release notes

Post date: Dec 04, 2018 3:48:38 PM

  • Metadata Management Enhancements, Improvements, and Fixes - The main theme of the next several releases will be enhancements, improvements, and fixes for metadata deployment/retrieval/removal, metadata subscription management, Salesforce DX project usage, etc. This release includes the following:

    • Issue 367 - Fixed a long-standing metadata retrieval issue that would omit server-only metadata in the metadata selection dialog when using Context for the Contents drop-down.

    • Issue 743 - Updated the metadata deployer to properly process status updates and errors reported from unit test execution as part of deployment. This does not yet include the ability to specify whether unit tests should be executed during deployment or the specific subset of tests to execute. That enhancement is close behind, though, and will be included in one of the next few builds.

    • Issues 1170/1171 - Updated special handling for Flow metadata in metadata subscriptions based on behavioral changes in Winter '19/API v44.0. You may need to update your metadata subscriptions accordingly.

    • Added a new Salesforce DX configuration option, Enable fast org list. Normally IC uses sfdx force:org:list to enumerate SFDX organizations for integration as IC connections. Because the CLI must verify each org as active and accessible, that command can be quite long-running and therefore disruptive to a smooth development workflow. When this option is enabled, IC instead uses the SFDX JSON config files and lightweight SOQL queries directly against the dev hub orgs to gather the same information. NOTE: This option should be considered beta/experimental for now and is disabled by default. If any issues are found while using this option, please report them with sufficient details to reproduce and, if necessary, disable this option so that the CLI is used for org enumeration.

  • Issue 1173 - Fixed an issue with reference injection in enum constants used as switch labels.

  • Issue 1175 - Corrected MyTerritory and MyTeamTerritory to be My_Territory and My_Team_Territory respectively in SOQL USING SCOPE clauses.

  • Issues 1176/1177 - The fix in for {!...} language injection in XML attribute values was not complete and resulted in a few other issues as a side-effect. Hopefully this is fully addressed now, but don't hesitate to let me know if other related issues are found.

  • Issue 1181 - Added support for offline license deactivation.

  • Added support for multi-line TODO comments in Apex in IntelliJ IDEA/WebStorm 2018.3+.

  • Other minor fixes and performance enhancements.