release notes

Post date: Sep 17, 2018 5:56:52 PM

  • Issue 991 - Fixed an OST generation issue that could occur in orgs with more than 2000 custom classes that don't also exist in the local project.

  • Issue 1031 - Fixed an issue that would cause the deployment/retrieval dialog to omit all but one entry for metadata types that encountered an issue when queried in conjunction with other metadata types. This issue was manifesting most often with CustomMetadata and WebLink metadata.

  • Issue 1103 - Tabbed editors for Lightning bundles no longer preclude access to non-bundle content files such as Jest tests. Note that such files will still cause issues during deployment in non-SFDX projects.

  • Issue 1104 - Another prospective fix for the issue with a stale tab modified indicator. Now the editor/filesystem state is checked/synchronized after every save to the local filesystem. Initial feedback from users for this fix seems to be positive, so fingers crossed that this takes care of it!

  • Issue 1119 - Fixed an issue with SObject fields in the OST when working against an org with an unmapped namespace where the field names wouldn't properly include the namespace prefix.