release notes

Post date: Aug 27, 2018 6:23:26 PM

  • Issue 1071 - Now anytime that metadata creation is required as part of deployment, the entire request is automatically routed through the Metadata API.

  • Issue 1073 - It is now valid to select a package.xml file that is not a descendant of the project root directory. Note that in these situations, the fully-qualified path to the file is stored instead of the project-relative path which can result in IDE project configuration that is not portable across environments.

  • Issue 1084 - Another fix/enhancement for save behavior in tabbed editors. Now all modified files in a tabbed editor are automatically included in a deploy-on-save action for any file in that same tabbed editor.

  • Issue 1088 - Added a new Apex live template, tst that generates or surrounds the current selection with: Test.startTest(); { [selection]caretEndsHere } Test.stopTest();

  • Issue 1089 - Fixed an issue that could prevent files from opening properly in non-IC projects.

  • Fixed an issue that could occur when trying to use the Offline Apex Debugger against a test run configuration that includes more than one Apex class.

  • Provided more explicit feedback when trying to load scripts into the Anonymous Apex or SOQL Query tool windows without the correct file extension, either .apex or .soql respectively.