release notes

Post date: Aug 08, 2018 4:54:12 PM

  • Issue 907 - Added tabbed editor support for Lightning bundles and for meta.xml files alongside their corresponding source files. Editor sub-tabs can be navigated from the keyboard using Alt+Shift+Left/Right on Windows/Linux and Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right on Mac.

  • Issue 1036 - Fixed an issue that would cause fields with the same name from different namespaces on packaged custom objects to conflict. Now namespaced fields in the OST are always rendered as the fully-qualified name. NOTE: An OST regeneration is required to realize the benefits of this fix and is highly recommended for all users.

  • Issue 1060 - Fixed an issue with the Extract Method refactoring that could cause closing braces of extracted statement lists to be omitted in the new method.

  • Fixed an issue in WebStorm 2018.2 with auto-completion of JavaScript functions in Lightning markup resulting from a backward-incompatible plugin SDK change.