release notes

Post date: Jul 30, 2018 3:24:3 PM

  • Issue 686 - Restructured the way that coverage data is loaded from the Salesforce org for display in the IDE to avoid concurrency/re-entrancy issues. If you see any issues with coverage relating to this change, whether a regression to previous working behavior or a recurrence of the process storm issue that this is intended to put to rest, let me know.

  • Issue 787 - When opening the Log Viewer from an SFDX project, sometimes the wrong connection would be selected initially. Now the SFDX project's scratch org connection should be the initial selection.

  • Issues 851 and 987 - Fixed an issue that could occur when there are multiple SObject types with the same name but different namespaces. Things should complete and resolve properly now when this is the case.

  • Issue 973 - Evidently the way I'd expressed dependencies between the two inheritance-related indices wasn't correct. I've updated the link between them and this problem finally seems to be resolved. If you see further issues with proper linking of inheritance relationships in the IDE after this build, please let me know.

  • Issue 1010 - Fixed an issue with reference injection from Visualforce/Lightning to Apex controller methods.

  • Issue 1011 - Fixed an issue with code completions against inner types not inserting the properly-qualified name based on the insertion context.

  • Issue 1018 - Fixed an issue that would occur when the Log Viewer table is sorted and the wrong log would be loaded when selected.

  • Issue 1021 - Fixed an issue with expression type inference for nested arrays or arrays as type parameters of lists.

  • Issue 1026 - When creating a new non-SFDX project in WebStorm, the project directory name is now defaulted to reflect the selected connection name until/unless explicitly changed by the user.

  • Issue 1053 - Made Approval.ProcessWorkitemRequest and Approval.ProcessSubmitRequest properly extend Approval.ProcessRequest in the OST. Note that an OST regen will be required before this change will be available.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause deployment errors reported against files with spaces in their names, e.g., layout metadata, not to hyperlink properly in the Messages view.