release notes

Post date: May 29, 2018 2:23:57 PM

  • Private Policy updated - By continuing to use Illuminated Cloud, you agree to the terms of the posted Privacy Policy.

  • Offline Apex Debugger fixes and improvements

    • Addressed a long-standing issue that could cause the debugger to miss certain entry point statements, especially when namespace translation is used.

    • Lines configured for heap dumps should only be processed once now. Previously they could be processed twice in certain situations.

    • Better presentation of malformed (pseudo-)JSON from variable assignment log entries in the variables view.

  • Self-service license management - It is now possible to request offline trial and license key activations and to review and remove license key activations via the Web site. These actions are now integrated into the associated IDE actions for seamless self-service.

  • Issue 999 - Local inner types no longer collide with top-level types during OST generation.

  • Fixed an issue with stack trace linking to inner classes and constructors, especially when namespace translation is used.

  • Fixed an issue where header-level SFDX push/pull errors would not be reported properly.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.