release notes

Post date: Apr 27, 2018 4:46:33 PM

  • Issue 22 - Added an Extract Method refactoring for Apex. There are still a few things missing that I plan to address, in particular occurrences support and full code path analysis, but overall it should work in 90+% of scenarios. If you do find issues with it, please log a bug in the issue tracker, ideally with a standalone way to reproduce the issue(s) and I'll take care of them.

  • Issue 858 - Prospective fix for an issue where structure view entries would be duplicated.

  • Issue 979 - Fixed an issue with the Illegal Assignment code inspection where it wasn't properly treating relational expressions as commutative.

  • Updated Salesforce DX features and org preferences available for scratch org creation.

  • Added a number of new Extend/Shrink Selection selection handlers for statement groups, code blocks, formal parameter lists, argument lists, and string literal contents. If you're not using these two actions, you're really missing out on a quick way to create the desired selection.

  • Updated all process() methods in System.Approval to be static.

  • Addressed a logged IDE startup error due to an incorrect attribute for the new Add Clarifying Parentheses code intention.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.