release notes

Post date: Apr 02, 2018 2:59:17 PM

  • Issue 22 - Added occurrences support for Extract/Introduce Variable refactoring. This means that IC now finds other valid occurrences of the expression selected for extraction as a variable and offers to replace them with references to the extracted variable as well as the selected expression.

  • Issue 22 - Added an Extract/Introduce Constant refactoring. This refactoring also supports replacement of all valid occurrences within the same file. I also improved variable name suggestions for constants extracted from or initialized with string literal values based on the string literal text.

  • Added SOQL keyword cube as an allowed Apex identifier.

  • Issue 937 - More progress on the invalid PSI element issue that occurs over time. Again, this is not a full fix but continues to narrow the window of opportunity and makes it easier for me to perform root cause analysis.

  • Disabled inlining of variable array initializers which could result in invalid Apex.

  • Fixed an illegal assignment inspection false negative with expressions like Map<Id, Case[]> casesByContactId = new Map<Id, List<SObject>>();.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.