release notes

Post date: Mar 26, 2018 2:28:7 PM

  • Issue 917 - Disabled reference injection for type names and improved reference injection for SOQL bind parameters in string literals. You can still include string literal type name references during rename operations by using Shift+F6 / Shift+F6 followed by Search in comments and strings and then carefully auditing the resulting references.

  • Issue 918 - Fixed an issue that could cause renames of Apex classes to fail when super. and this. explicit constructor invocations are used.

  • Issue 937 - It appears that I have another issue with elements becoming stale. This includes a partial fix and some additional diagnostic info to help corner it. I'll issue another build with the complete fix when I have it.

  • Issue 938 - Made the metadata container name (more) unique by including not just the connection name but also the username and hostname. If you've seen deployments fail while in a QUEUED state when working in a shared org, this should likely resolve the issue for you

  • Fixed an issue that could cause custom Apex classes to be omitted from the OST in orgs with large numbers of custom classes. If you've experienced this issue, please regenerate your OST after taking this build.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.