release notes

Post date: Feb 12, 2018 3:39:51 PM

  • Issue 873 - Spring '18/API v42.0 update:

    • SOAP client updated to API version 42.0.

    • API version 42.0 now available for configured connections.

    • Updated for new/modified Lightning base components. Note that due to aggressive XSD caching by IntelliJ IDEA/WebStorm, you may need to use Ctrl+B/Cmd+B on an existing Lightning element or attribute to force the cache to update before changes are available.

    • Updated SLDS to 2.5.2.

    • Updated Aura JavaScript API interfaces.

    • Updated metadata XSD to Spring '18.

    • Updated all integrated API documentation.

  • Issue 878 - Fixed a few issues with how various types of Lightning errors are interpreted and reported.

  • Other minor fixes.