release notes

Post date: Jul 12, 2020 6:6:59 PM

  • Issue 1669 - The Salesforce Summer '20 release seems to have made a change in how API calls are handled in orgs with My Domain enabled. Now an HTTP 307/Temporary Redirect is issued which IC (and evidently many other API clients) did not follow. Now all SOAP and REST API calls should correctly follow redirects when issued.

NOTE: As stated in the release notes, Illuminated Cloud 1 is now in an end-of-life phase. This update is being issued due to a truly blocking issue in the Salesforce Summer '20 seasonal release, but it will likely be the last update for Illuminated Cloud 1. Illuminated Cloud 1 users who require support for newer Salesforce technologies, newer JetBrains IDE versions, and/or new IDE features should consider upgrading to Illuminated Cloud 2.