release notes

Post date: Feb 17, 2020 2:47:8 PM

  • Spring '20 / API v48.0 Updates

    • Added full support for the new SOQL WITH RecordVisibilityContext clause.

    • Fixed a parser issue with multiple SOQL WITH clauses of different types.

    • Updated the SOAP client to be based on the API v48.0 WSDLs.

    • Updated the API version number used for primary communication with Salesforce APIs to 48.0.

    • Added 48.0 as an available API version number for configured connections.

    • Updated the OST for new Apex namespaces, types, and members that are not returned properly by the Tooling API's Apex completions resource.

    • Updated Visualforce and Aura standard components, functions, etc., for Spring '20.

    • Updated the metadata.xsd used for validation and completion in XML metadata files for Spring '20.

    • Updated XML file type extensions for Spring '20.

    • Updated standard value sets for Spring '20.

    • Updated bundled SLDS to 2.11.3 (sanitized version).

    • Updated all integrated API documentation for Spring '20.

    • Added preliminary support for transaction finalizers in the form of the TransactionFinalizers SFDX scratch org feature.

    • Adjusted SOQL batching to take advantage of the raised 100K query length (previously 20K).

  • Other fixes and improvements based on changes required for Spring '20 support.

NOTE: This will be the last major update to Illuminated Cloud 1 for Salesforce seasonal releases or JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA updates. When Illuminated Cloud 2 was released a bit over two years ago, it was announced that Illuminated Cloud 1 would continue to "receive updates for Salesforce seasonal releases through Winter '19 inclusive". In reality, Illuminated Cloud 1 has received more than a year of additional releases (through Spring '20 inclusive) as well as a number of new features and improvements.

As stated in that announcement and elsewhere, all major features and enhancements have been for Illuminated Cloud 2, the current major version of the product. This includes first-class support for exciting new Salesforce technologies such as Lightning Web Components as well as developer productivity features such as source code refactoring, real-time static code analysis, a Log Analyzer, support for additional JetBrains IDEs (WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm, and RubyMine), and much more.

The JetBrains plugin model has changed considerably in the past few years, and the 2020.* major version family introduces some of its most significant—and not surprisingly quite incompatible—changes ever. As a result, Illuminated Cloud 1 will not support versions of IntelliJ IDEA higher than 2019.*.

Illuminated Cloud 1 is provided under a perpetual license and will continue to work when hosted within supported IntelliJ IDEA versions and against supported Salesforce API versions (up to Spring '20 / API v48.0). Higher API versions may be specified for connections and metadata files, but the IDE will communicate with the Salesforce servers using API v48.0.

Illuminated Cloud 1 users who require support for newer Salesforce technologies, newer JetBrains IDE versions, and/or new IDE features should consider upgrading to Illuminated Cloud 2.