release notes

Post date: Dec 04, 2018 3:49:12 PM

  • Issue 367 - Fixed a long-standing metadata retrieval issue that would omit server-only metadata in the metadata selection dialog when using Context for the Contents drop-down.

  • Issues 1170/1171 - Updated special handling for Flow metadata in metadata subscriptions based on behavioral changes in Winter '19/API v44.0. You may need to update your metadata subscriptions accordingly.

  • Issue 1173 - Fixed an issue with reference injection in enum constants used as switch labels.

  • Issue 1175 - Corrected MyTerritory and MyTeamTerritory to be My_Territory and My_Team_Territory respectively in SOQL USING SCOPE clauses.

  • Issues 1176/1177 - The fix in for {!...} language injection in XML attribute values was not complete and resulted in a few other issues as a side-effect. Hopefully this is fully addressed now, but don't hesitate to let me know if other related issues are found.

  • Issue 1181 - Added support for offline license deactivation.

  • Added support for multi-line TODO comments in Apex in IntelliJ IDEA/WebStorm 2018.3+.

  • Other minor fixes and performance enhancements.