/ release notes

Post date: Jul 23, 2018 6:40:47 PM /

  • Issue 1029 - Fixed an issue introduced with skipCodeCoverage support after Summer '18 where an active coverage suite would not be properly reset when tests are run with the Always Collect Coverage option enabled.

  • Issue 1034 - The default dev hub is now always pre-selected in the scratch org creation dialog when more than one dev hub is available.

  • Issue 1038 - Features in scratch org definition files can now be either a comma-delimited list in a single string value or a first-class array.

  • Issue 1039 - When a scratch org definition is loaded from a file, the user is only prompted to save if the values are changed from those that were loaded.

  • The user is no longer required to re-select the connection in the project configuration dialog after recreating one with the same name, in particular when renewing a scratch org with the same alias.

  • Improved error reporting when IC fails to create a trace flag or debug level, in particular due to surpassing the allowed log storage amount.

  • Added a Delete All Logs action to the Log Viewer tool window. Use this with caution as all logs in the org are deleted in response to this action. This is particularly useful when the allowed log storage amount is surpassed and trace flag/debug level configuration is no longer allowed.

  • Accommodated for an issue showing unit test debug logs after a recent logging format change. Please let me know if you still find log information missing after updating to this or a more recent release.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing one-off Apex Offline Debugger run configurations against pasted logs to fail. It should now be possible to debug external logs via explicit run configurations again.