release notes

Post date: Jul 03, 2018 3:0:36 PM

  • Issue 978 - Either partial commits never worked via the Tooling API or there has been a recent regression in that functionality. Either way, IC now treats successes reported by otherwise failed container async requests as not having occurred from a state tracking/reporting standpoint. I have raised this issue with Salesforce to determine whether this is original/intentional behavior or a regression. If/when the Tooling API properly supports partial commits, this can be reverted.

  • Issue 1015 - Namespace substitution and deployment/retrieval substitution rules are now applied to static resource bundle contents are they are archived as static resource files for deployment and extracted back into bundles as a result of retrieval respectively.

  • Issue 1020 - Fix for issue where the timestamps used for conflict and dirty tracking might not be computed properly when the org and local workstation are not in the same timezone. This problem was found while working on working on issue 1020 and may or may not be a fix for that bug, but it's certainly something that needed to be addressed.

  • Issue 1024 - Fixed an issue where expired/deleted scratch org information could be cached in memory until the project was closed/reopened or the IDE restarted. Now when a scratch org with a particular alias is replaced, IC should pick up the change immediately.

  • Issue 1040 - Changed lightning:textArea.maxLength to maxlength. As always, the IDE caches the XSDs used for Visualforce/Lightning elements and their attributes aggressively, so you'll likely need to use Ctrl+B/Cmd+B on any existing reference to an element in the lightning namespace to force the cache to rebuild.