Platform Support

Illuminated Cloud is supported on IntelliJ IDEA 12 and higher, both Community Edition and Ultimate Edition, and can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

30-day Evaluation

Illuminated Cloud is available for a 30-day free evaluation.  During the evaluation period, all features are available.  To begin an evaluation of Illuminated Cloud, just download the plugin from IDEA's plugin repository:

Settings > Plugins > Browse repositories...


Illuminated Cloud may be purchased from the Rose Silver Software Store.  Volume pricing is available on the following schedule:

 Quantity Price
 1 - 9 $65 US 
 10 - 24 $60 US 
 25 - 49 $55 US  
 50+ $50 US 

Each license key allows a single user to activate Illuminated Cloud on two computers, for example home and office.  Multiple users may not share a single license key.  Once a license key has been purchased, the product can be activated within IDEA:

IDEA 12 and 13

Settings > IDE Settings > Illuminated Cloud > Enter License Key...

IDEA 14 and higher

Settings > Languages & Frameworks > Illuminated Cloud > Enter License Key...

Enter the license key that was received in email and Illuminated Cloud will be activated.  Note that the license is associated with the machine on which it was activated and must be deactivated before the license can be used on another machine.  License deactivation can be performed in the same settings location, or you may contact Support to have a license deactivated for you if you no longer have access to the machine on which it was activated.

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