Salesforce Functions Support

Illuminated Cloud provides full support for development, debugging, deployment, invocation, and monitoring of Salesforce Functions implemented in Java, JavaScript, or TypeScript. For the best experience, Illuminated Cloud should be paired with a JetBrains IDE that also supports the language in which functions are developed, specifically IntelliJ IDEA for development of Java functions or any supported commercial JetBrains IDE for development of JavaScript or TypeScript functions.

A single dashboard for managing your functions

The Salesforce Functions Dashboard provides a single interface for creating, deploying, and monitoring all of your project's Salesforce functions.

Create, develop, and test functions locally

Illuminated Cloud's Salesforce Functions Dashboard makes it easy to create functions in all supported languages. Once created, Illuminated Cloud automatically configured the project as appropriate so that all library dependencies are added, generated files are formatted according to configured project conventions, and more.

If coupled with a JetBrains IDE that supports the function implementation language, unit test authoring, execution, and debugging is fully integrated.

Deploy, invoke, and debug functions locally

Salesforce functions can be deployed, invoke, and debugged locally using the same simple contextual actions as for Apex unit test execution. Illuminated Cloud will automatically deploy the function locally if necessary, then will invoke the function with a configurable input payload. If invoked for debugging, you can then step through the function code interactively using the JetBrains IDE's Java or JavaScript/TypeScript debugger.

Deploy, invoke, and monitor functions in Heroku

Salesforce functions can also be deployed, invoked, and monitored in a remote Heroku compute environment from directly within Illuminated Cloud's Salesforce Functions Dashboard.