Navigate references

Illuminated Cloud understands the relationships between Apex declarations and their usages, base classes and their derived classes, interfaces and their implementations, and even source files and their metadata files.  All of these relationships are displayed prominently in the editor and can be navigated and queried with a single mouse click or key stroke.
Apex references

Inspect structure

View the full structure of the current Apex class or trigger, Visualforce page or component, or XML metadata file.  Illuminated Cloud can even show inherited members and inner type declarations of Apex classes.
Structure view

Understand relationships

It's now trivial to find all usages of a particular class, field, method, or local variable!  Illuminated Cloud even knows how to find overridden method usages through the declaring base class or interface.
Apex find usages

Even from Visualforce

Illuminated Cloud links Visualforce usages of SObject types, Apex classes, fields, and methods, markup variables, and other metadata types such as pages, static resources, and components IDs to their corresponding declarations.
Visualforce references