Intelligent code analysis within the IDE

Code inspections provide valuable on-the-fly client-side analysis of your source code. Not only can you be confident that your code is ready to send to the server, but Illuminated Cloud can also provide insights about ways your code can be improved or streamlined and even apply the corresponding fixes or changes with a single keystroke.

Illuminated Cloud includes the following code inspections and intentions, and new code inspections and intentions will be added in subsequent releases:

Inspection Description Severity Type Intention(s) Example
Unresolvable reference Reports references that cannot be resolved to corresponding declarations. Error On-the-fly
Apex unresolvable reference inspection
Illegal assignment Reports illegal assignments, typically the result of incompatible types. Error On-the-fly
Add type cast
Apex illegal assignment inspection
Incomplete concrete class declaration Reports concrete classes which don't implement all required abstract/interface methods from base types. Error On-the-fly
Implement methods
Make class abstract
Incomplete concrete declaration inspection
Unused declaration Reports classes, methods or fields that are not used or not reachable from entry points. For performance reasons, some unused members might not be reported during in-editor highlighting. To see all results, run the inspection in batch mode. Warning On-the-fly
Remove unused declaration
Unused declaration inspection
Control flow statement without braces Reports any control flow statements without braces. Braces make the code easier to read and help prevent errors when modifying the code. Warning On-the-fly
Add braces
Control flow statement without braces inspection
Usage case does not match declaration case Reports all usages of declarations where the usage case doesn't match the declaration case exactly. While Apex is a case-insensitive language, differences in case between declarations and their usages can be confusing. Warning On-the-fly
Change to declaration case
Declaration usage case inspection
Keyword does not use preferred case Reports all keywords which don't use the preferred case exactly. While Apex is a case-insensitive language, variations in case within the same code base can be confusing. Warning On-the-fly
Change the preferred case
Keyword case inspection
PMD Apex Runs the PMD Apex static code analyzer. Warning Batch
Lightning Lint Runs the Salesforce Lightning Lint static code analyzer. Warning Batch

Code inspections can be easily suppressed for false negatives, modified for a different severity, or disabled entirely.

Suppress, configure, or disable code inspections