System API Documentation

Illuminated Cloud integrates Salesforce API documentation directly into the editor.  Documentation is provided for the following:

System Apex types

Apex API documentation

Standard SObjects

Standard SObject documentation

Standard Visualforce and Lightning components

Standard Visualforce and Lightning component documentation

Visualforce and Lightning functions

Visualforce and Lightning function documentation

Visualforce global variables and Lightning global value providers

Visualforce global variable and Lightning global value provider documentation

Visualforce, Salesforce1, and Aura JavaScript APIs (commercial edition IDEs only)

JavaScript API documentation

Custom API Documentation

Illuminated Cloud also supports authoring and viewing of custom API documentation for Apex declarations, SObjects and fields, and Visualforce/Lightning components.

Custom Apex types

Custom Apex types are documented using ApexDoc. Illuminated Cloud provides full support for ApexDoc markup including code completion, syntax highlighting, reference navigation, and custom documentation rendering.

ApexDoc for documenting custom Apex declarations

Custom SObjects and fields

Custom SObjects and fields are documented using description metadata.

Custom SObject and field documentation based on description text

Custom Visualforce and Lightning components

Custom Visualforce and Lightning components are documented using description elements of the respective components.

Visualforce and Lightning custom component documentation

Custom JavaScript (commercial edition IDEs only)

Custom JavaScript declarations are documented using JSDoc. Note that due to JavaScript's inherently untyped nature, the IDE uses JSDoc type information for runtime type inference resulting in higher quality code completions, reference navigation, refactoring results, and integrated API documentation.

JSDoc used for Lightning documentation

Method and function parameters

Method and function parameter information is only a keystroke away including support for SObject constructor field initializers.

Visualforce function parameter information