Flexible metadata subscription

Illuminated Cloud provides multiple options for selecting the metadata that should be deployed and retrieved for each module including all metadata in the organization or selected package, the metadata defined in a provided package.xml file, or a user-specified subset of the metadata in the organization.
Metadata content selection

Comparison and synchronization

Illuminated Cloud allows the user to specify exactly which subset of metadata should be included in each retrieval operation and allows the view to be customized to show metadata that is only in the local filesystem, metadata that is only in the Force.com organization, and metadata that is in both.  The view can also be customized to include or exclude unsubscribed metadata, and when a retrieval operation is initiated using the context menu, the view is automatically focused on the contextually-selected metadata.
Metadata contextual retrieval
After the metadata has been retrieved, it is presented in IDEA's directory comparison tool for synchronization into the local source directory.  In IDEA 14 and higher, an external comparison tool such as Beyond Compare or Araxis Merge can be used for the comparison.
Retrieved metadata comparison

Substitution Rules

Illuminated Cloud can apply user-defined substitution rules during metadata deployment and retrieval to accommodate for differences between production and development environments or individual developer organizations.
Deployment and retrieval substitution rules

Incremental and full deployment

Illuminated Cloud also supports incremental and full deployment of metadata in bulk for the entire project, the current module and its configured dependencies, the current module only, the contextually-derived selection, or a user-defined custom selection.  Incremental deployment uses modification times in the organization and the local file system to determine which subset of metadata has been created or modified since the last successful deployment.

Collision detection

Collision detection can be optionally enabled for connections to organizations in which multiple users are collaborating on the same metadata.  When collisions are detected, the user can decide which action should be taken.
Deployment collision detection

Integrated error reporting

Errors reported by the deployment operation are added to IDEA's Problems view and linked to the offending files for quick resolution.
Deployment errors