Powerful connection manager

Illuminated Cloud includes a powerful Salesforce connection manager for all organizations in which you work, both traditional and Salesforce DX.

Connection manager

Any configured connection can be selected for Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query execution or for reviewing logs in the Log Viewer.

Connection selection in the Anonymous Apex, SOQL Query, and Log Viewer tool windows

Additionally, any standard connection can be selected for metadata deployment, retrieval, and delete operations in a traditional project.

Connection selection in the deploy/retrieve/delete dialog

Illuminated Cloud also provides convenient login access to any configured connection--traditional or Salesforce DX--via the Illuminated Cloud toolbar.

The Illuminated Cloud toolbar provides convenient access to any configured connection

Automatic namespace translation

When developing managed packages, it's common for each team member to use a Development Edition org with a variant of the official package namespace. Illuminated Cloud was designed specifically with this use case in mind and can be configured to automatically translate official package namespace qualifications to the development organization namespace on deployment and retrieval.

Illuminated Cloud project configuration allows you to map the development organization namespace to one or more official namespaces for purposes for translation during deployment and retrieval.

Configure each module's connection and its development/official namespace relationship

During deployment and retrieval, Illuminated Cloud automatically translates namespace qualifications using the official namespace:

Local source code using official namespaces

to those appropriate for the development organization's namespace:

Deployed source code using the organization namespace