Powerful connection manager

Illuminated Cloud includes a powerful Force.com connection manager that allows connections to multiple Force.com organizations in a single IDEA project.
Connection manager

Develop multiple managed packages in a single organization

Illuminated Cloud simplifies the development of content for multiple managed packages, especially when the packages have base/extension relationships.  Traditionally this type of development has required the use of multiple organizations and long-running package upload, installation, uninstallation cycles.

Illuminated Cloud allows multiple packages (one managed for the base package and one or more unmanaged for the extension packages) in a single organization to be associated with modules and the organization/development namespace of the development organization to be associated with the official namespaces of the managed packages that are installed into subscriber environments.
Connection manager multiple packages

Automatic namespace translation

On deployment, Illuminated Cloud automatically translates official namespace references on Apex classes, SObjects, and Visualforce custom components to the organization namespace.  Source code files for multiple managed packages written locally against the official namespaces required to upload:
Local source code using official namespaces
are seamlessly translated during deployment to a single development organization:
Deployed source code using the organization namespace