Intelligent context-sensitive code completion

Illuminated Cloud is constantly evaluating your Apex and Visualforce source code to provide comprehensive keyword and identifier completion, even for complex chained expressions.  Illuminated Cloud also understands Apex language features such as embedded SOQL and SOSL queries, type parameters for collection classes, compile-time Visualforce Page references, and compile-time SObject type and field references. Apex completion

Type less, write more

Illuminated Cloud uses contextual information to provide intelligent completions.  Namespaces are automatically prefixed to packaged and system Apex classes and SObjects when appropriate.  SObject types and fields are inferred from assignment and parameter context in embedded SOQL and SOSL queries.  Illuminated Cloud will even suggest identifier names for you based on the declared type!
SOQL query completion

Visualforce support

Illuminated Cloud also supports completion of Visualforce components and attributes, controller classes and members, markup variables, and functions and global variables within IDEA's powerful HTML, Javascript, and CSS editor (IDEA Ultimate Edition is required for full Javascript and CSS support).  Illuminated Cloud even provides completions for custom Visualforce components and their attributes.
Visualforce completion
Visualforce formula completion