Write and execute anonymous Apex and SOQL queries

Illuminated Cloud's Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query tool windows provide convenient access to anonymous Apex and SOQL query execution.  Use powerful editor features such as completion, code formatting, and integrated API documentation to author anonymous Apex and SOQL and review execution results in the same window.

Anonymous Apex

SOQL query

Resolve syntax and execution errors quickly

Compilation and execution errors are hyperlinked to the corresponding source code, both anonymous Apex and project classes or triggers.

Anonymous Apex errors

SOQL query errors

Manage anonymous Apex and SOQL query files

Illuminated Cloud treats files with the .apex extension as anonymous Apex source and files with the .soql extension as SOQL queries.  These files can be loaded and saved from the Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query tool windows respectively, and they can be executed directly from the context menu.

Anonymous Apex and SOQL query files

View Apex debug logs

Illuminated Cloud provides access to the most recent (up to 100) debug logs in an integrated log viewer. Within the Log Viewer it's possible to review logs, change log levels, and even initiate the Offline Apex Debugger to debug the behavior of a completed remote process.

Apex log viewer