Create an Illuminated Cloud project

Learn how to create a new Illuminated Cloud project from within IntelliJ IDEA including connection configuration, metadata selection and retrieval, and Offline Symbol Table generation.

Configure Illuminated Cloud

Learn how to configure Illuminated Cloud features including code folding, the Apex source code formatter, Apex and Visualforce file templates, connections, and metadata deployment and retrieval options.

Use Completion in Apex and Visualforce

Learn about Illuminated Cloud's powerful context-aware code completion for Apex and Visualforce.

Navigate and View Documentation in Apex and Visualforce

Learn how to navigate and view integrated API documentation in Apex and Visualforce.

Deploy and Retrieve Metadata with Illuminated Cloud

Learn about Illuminated Cloud's real-time source code validation and bulk metadata deployment and retrieval features.

Manage Static Resource Content Directly with Static Resource Bundles

Learn about Illuminated Cloud's ability to manage the contents of archive-type static resources directly through its Static Resource Bundle feature.