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posted Oct 14, 2021, 8:07 AM by Scott Wells

  • Issue 1903 - Fixed a few issues around how project details are inferred from an existing directory structure. Improved the project import/adoption workflow to eliminate obvious intermediate steps such as automatically selecting a newly-created connection for the project.
  • Issue 1972 - When switching connections for deployment, if there's no previous test level to restore for the newly-selected connection, the existing test level is now retained.
  • Updated the deployment and retrieval substitution rules tables to use regular expression-aware cell renderers and editors.
  • Added the standard console toolbar buttons to the Anonymous Apex, Log Analyzer, and Message View console views.
  • Fixed an issue where stopping a locally-deployed Salesforce function could falsely report that the process had not in fact been terminated when it actually had.
  • Other related fixes and improvements.