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posted Jan 7, 2021, 8:48 AM by Scott Wells

  • Issue 1647 - Added limited support for SAQL files (those with the .saql file extension) including syntax highlighting, simple code completion, simple auto-indentation, quote/paren/brace/bracket matching. This is not intended to be full custom language support but rather to provide improved authoring of SAQL files from within the IDE.
  • Issue 1784 - Allowed remote action methods to be picked up from the class hierarchy and not the leaf class through which the reference is established.
  • Fixed an Apex code completion issue in assignment expressions used as invocation arguments in constructors/new expressions.
  • Denoted the SFDX cache configuration file as per-instance/private so that it cannot be exported/imported and is not included when syncing with a settings repository.
  • Other related fixes and improvements.