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posted Jul 20, 2020, 8:05 AM by Scott Wells

  • Summer '20 / API v49.0 Updates
    • Updated the SOAP client to be based on API v49.0 WSDLs.
    • Updated the API version used for primary communication with Salesforce APIs to 49.0.
    • Added 49.0 as an available API version number for configured connections.
    • Updated the OST version number to prompt regeneration for changes in API v49.0.
    • Updated the metadata.xsd used for validation and completion in XML metadata files for Summer '20.
    • Updated Visualforce, Aura, and LWC components, functions, modules, etc., for Summer '20.
    • Updated Visualforce, Aura, and LWC for the GA release of Lightning Message Service.
    • Added full support for the new @JsonAccess annotation.
    • Added full support LWC style components which include only a CSS file and a corresponding meta.xml file. It's now possible to create style components in the LWC new component wizard, and there is full support for importing style components using CSS including a new LWC CSS-specific live template:
      • import - Imports an external stylesheet or style component as @import '<stylesheetOrComponent>';.
    • Added full support for LWC user/custom permission imports. This includes the following two new LWC import live templates:
      • importpermu - Imports a standard user permission as import <alias> from '@salesforce/userPermission/<permission>';
      • importpermc - Imports a custom permission as import <alias> from '@salesforce/customPermission/<permission>';
    • Added support for ES6 properties with names that begin with an upper-cased character. The kebab-cased translation is prefixed with a leading -.
    • Updated the available editions when creating a scratch org to include the Partner values.
    • Updated the JSON schema for sfdx-project.json.
    • Updated the JSON schema for project-scratch-def.json. I also made a full pass on the various settings objects that can be configured to provide as complete and accurate of code completion and validation as possible given current information. NOTE: The JSON schema for these settings objects are not documented, and some of the composite types are not 100% correct in the current implementation. I have raised this lack of documentation with Salesforce and we are collaborating on correcting this. I will update the schema as appropriate as new information is available, but if you see an issue with code completion and/or validation relative to what you know it should be, please let me know and I'll also correct it based on that type of input.
    • Updated the bundled SLDS to 2.12.2 (sanitized version).
    • Updated the standard value set names.
    • Updated all integrated API documentation.
  • Issue 1671 - The Salesforce CLI sometimes doesn't report a dev hub org as such, though it does designate it as the org with the default dev hub username if so configured. I've filed an issue against the CLI for this, but I've also updated Illuminated Cloud to infer the former from the latter when this situation exists.
  • Other related fixes and improvements.