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posted Jul 6, 2020, 8:49 AM by Scott Wells

  • Lightning Web Components fixes and improvements
    • Made a full pass on the standard LWC components and their attributes, methods, etc., to ensure that they're as accurate and up-to-date as possible.
    • Added missing common attributes such as aria-*, standard event handlers, lwc:dom, etc.
    • Added code completion and cross-relational reference support for LWC components as CSS selectors.
    • Added code completion and cross-relational reference support for standard design tokens.
    • Fixed an issue that caused IC not to evaluate service components properly.
    • Fixed several issues with secondary components (those where file names do not match the component bundle name).
    • Fixed an issue with how custom event names are discovered so that those constructed using new Event(...) are found in addition to new CustomEvent(...).
    • Fixed an issue that would result in duplicate references being added to references to event handler methods for standard events, e.g., onclick, in commercial JetBrains IDEs. This would occur because the base JetBrains IDE and Illuminated Cloud would each add a reference. Now Illuminated Cloud only adds references to event handler methods for custom event handler attributes.
    • Added a number of inspection suppressors where the commercial JetBrains HTML5/CSS/JS plugin cannot properly determine the nature of a reference relationship resulting in a warning or error.
    • Added support for the supportedFormFactors child elements of targetConfigs in LWC component meta.xml files.
    NOTE: There are still a few issues that I have not been able to resolve because they are in the commercial JetBrains HTML/CSS/JS plugin and are not subject to inspection suppression. I have logged several bugs with JetBrains on these issues so that either JetBrains can address them, or they can hopefully provide feedback on how they can be addressed in a plugin:
    • WEB-46308 for which I've provided a workaround in IC
    • WEB-46312 for which changing the attribute ordering is a viable workaround
    • WEB-46313 for which there is no known workaround at present
  • Issue 1650 - Prospective fixes for a number of issues observed by a user in the metadata retrieval dialog.
  • Issue 1653 - Fixed an issue with the keyword case mismatch inspection and query bind expressions.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in incorrect reference addition for a word in a string literal following a colon that matches a resolvable identifier but that is not used as a bind expression in a dynamic query.
  • Added module validation support to assist with marking the .localdevserver directory as an exclusion when present.
  • Fixed the Quick Definition action when viewing a definition that would normally be handled in a tabbed editor (finally!).
  • Fixed the signature of $Lightning.createComponent() so that it properly includes the domLocator parameter.
  • Added support for the missing flexipage namespace Aura components.
  • Other fixes and improvements.