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posted Apr 10, 2020, 7:57 AM by Scott Wells

  • Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query tool window enhancements
    • Issue 202 - The Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query tool windows now both support saving and restoring of multiple tabs. Each project's existing saved default tab settings are migrated into the new multi-tab configuration when it is first opened.
    • You can now rename tabs using the Rename toolbar button or Alt+R (Windows/Linux), Opt+R (Mac). Tab names are stored as part of the tab configuration.
    • You can now open and execute .apex and .soql files directly:
      • From within the editor using code intentions via either Alt+Enter (Windows/Linux) or Opt+Enter (Mac). If a text selection exists, only the selected text is sent to the tool window; otherwise the full editor contents are sent.
      • From the context menu using Illuminated Cloud > Open/Execute in Anonymous Apex/SOQL Query tool window.
      If the file is already open in a tab, the existing tab is updated with the file's contents and the tab is selected and executed if invoked for execution. If the file is not yet open in a tab, a new tab is added with the file's contents and it is executed if invoked for execution.
  • Added support for Big Objects-based custom objects with the __b suffix.
  • Increased the version number for all Illuminated Cloud-specific file-based indices to force them to rebuild given the non-trivial changes in the JetBrains 2020.1 base IDEs.
  • Other related fixes and enhancements.