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posted Mar 27, 2020, 7:59 AM by Scott Wells

  • Salesforce DX connection caching improvements - The results of force:org:list and force:org:display CLI invocations are now cached persistently at the application-level in /path/to/IDEConfigDir/config/options/illuminatedCloudSfdxCache.xml. Previously they were cached in-memory which meant that the cache had to be populated each time the IDE was (re)started. These cached results are evicted and re-populated as follows:
    • The results of force:org:list are evicted and re-populated when key files under ~/.sfdx have been updated, most notably alias.json and/or any of the connectionUsername.json files.
    • The results of force:org:display for a given connection are evicted and re-populated when the corresponding ~/.sfdx/connectionUsername.json file has been updated.
    • It is now possible to force these caches to be rebuilt explicitly in the connection manager (Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Connections) using the Refresh SFDX Connections toolbar button.
    Hopefully this will result in far less frequent invocations of these two CLI commands. Note that if force:org:list is still taking considerable time to run, the following command-line actions may help significantly:
    1. Run sfdx force:org:list --clean to remove all stale scratch org connections.
    2. Run sfdx force:org:list and, for every non-scratch org connection with a value for CONNECTED STATUS that is not Connected, run sfdx force:auth:logout -u username.
    3. Use force:auth:logout to log out of any other non-scratch org connections that you are no longer using.
  • Usability improvements when resolving module configuration issues around missing/expired connections. The workflow should be much smoother when connections are created for an invalid module.
  • Issue 1560 - Updated the Apex parser to allow bind expressions as values for SOQL GEOLOCATION function parameters.
  • Issue 1561 - Public/global property declarations with the @TestVisible annotation are no longer flagged as warnings by the modifier agreement inspection.
  • Issue 1562 - The values for custom field labels, descriptions, default value formulas, and formula field formulas are now properly HTML-encoded when written into ApexDoc headers during OST generation.
  • Issue 1563 - Fixed several minor issues with the @AuraEnabled annotation and webService modifier when applied to fields or properties instead of methods.
  • Added support for Aura $SObjectType.CurrentUser.Id expressions.
  • Fixed a few small ApexDoc formatting and code intention issues.
  • Other related fixes and improvements.