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posted Feb 17, 2020, 6:46 AM by Scott Wells

  • Spring '20 / API v48.0 Updates
    • Added support for specification of the scratch org description and whether or not sample data should be included in the scratch org creation dialog and loading/saving of scratch org definition files.
    • Added full support for the new SOQL WITH RecordVisibilityContext clause.
    • Fixed a parser issue with multiple SOQL WITH clauses of different types.
    • Added full support for usage of Aura tokens in LWC CSS var references.
    • Updated the SOAP client to be based on the API v48.0 WSDLs.
    • Updated the API version number used for primary communication with Salesforce APIs to 48.0.
    • Added 48.0 as an available API version number for configured connections.
    • Updated the OST for new Apex namespaces, types, and members that are not returned properly by the Tooling API's Apex completions resource.
    • Updated Visualforce, Aura, and LWC components, functions, modules, etc., for Spring '20.
    • Updated the metadata.xsd used for validation and completion in XML metadata files for Spring '20.
    • Updated XML file type extensions for Spring '20.
    • Updated standard value sets for Spring '20.
    • Updated bundled SLDS to 2.11.3 (sanitized version).
    • Updated all integrated API documentation for Spring '20.
    • Updated Salesforce DX scratch org features for Spring '20.
    • Added new scratch org feature documentation to the scratch org creation dialog.
    • Adjusted SOQL batching to take advantage of the raised 100K query length (previously 20K).
  • Due to recent plugin SDK changes, the supported build range is now 2019.1-2019.3 with a recommended version of 2019.3.x where x is the latest minor version available.
    • NOTE: This build will not work with 2020.* JetBrains IDE builds including EAPs. This is intentional due to significant plugin SDK changes in that major version family. A new build of Illuminated Cloud 2 will be released before the official 2020.1 releases of the JetBrains IDEs with full support.
  • Other fixes and improvements based on changes required for Spring '20 support.