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posted Nov 25, 2019, 11:29 AM by Scott Wells   [ updated Nov 25, 2019, 11:50 AM ]

  • Improved LWC ES6 import live templates:
    • importitems - Works exactly as before to import one or more exports from a module of the form import { items } from 'module';
    • importdefault - Works exactly as before to import the default export from a module of the form import alias from 'module';
    • importapex - Imports an @AuraEnabled Apex class member of the form import alias from '@salesforce/apex/class.member';
    • importobject - Imports an SObject of the form import alias from '@salesforce/schema/sobject';
    • importfield - Imports an SObject field of the form import alias from '@salesforce/schema/sobject.field';
    • importlightning - Imports one or more exports from a standard Lightning component of the form import { items } from 'lightning/component';
    • importcomponent - Imports one or more exports from a custom Lightning component of the form import { items } from 'c/component';
    • importresource - Imports a static resource URL of the form import alias from '@salesforce/resourceUrl/resource';
    • importasset - Imports a content asset URL of the form import alias from '@salesforce/contentAssetUrl/asset';
    • importlabel - Imports a custom label of the form import alias from '@salesforce/label/label';
    Note that the short-lived importitems2 and importdefault2 live templates have been removed.
  • Improved code completion and reference injection for custom labels. References now resolve to the actual label name in the respective *.labels[-meta.xml] file, and only valid code completions for labels in a given context are presented. Note that for some reason references in package.xml files and LWC component markup files do not show up properly in Find Usages. I am still researching that and hope to fix it in a near-term build.
  • Issue 1471 - Fixed an infrequent issue with creation of intermediate temporary directories.
  • Issue 1477 - Fixed an issue with the unresolvable method signature against methods defined in a trigger.
  • Issue 1479 - Prospective fix for issue with reading an XML element outside of a read action.
  • Fixed issues with incremental deployment state tracking for individual custom labels.