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posted Aug 9, 2019, 7:13 AM by Scott Wells

  • Issue 1377 - Added Mine_And_My_Groups as a valid option for SOQL's USING SCOPE clause.
  • Issue 1386 - The proper host IDE name is now used instead of "IDEA" or "IntelliJ IDEA".
  • Fixed an issue with the new Log Analyzer that could result in the raw log body not being displayed intermittently.
  • Fixed an issue with retrieval of decomposed metadata in a Salesforce DX-develop-against-any-org module where retrieved child metadata files with ambiguous names, e.g., fields with the same name across multiple objects, could be matched to the wrong local child metadata file.
  • Retrieved decomposed metadata is is also now matched more accurately against existing directory structures for the same decomposed metadata, e.g., retrieving a new field for a previously-retrieved object.
  • Partially restored language injection for single string literal regular expressions only. Concatenated string literal injection and dynamic SOQL string literal injection will be restored when JetBrains addresses IDEA-220176.