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posted Jul 16, 2019, 8:32 AM by Scott Wells

  • Issue 1138 - Added beta-level first-class support for other lightweight JetBrains IDEs, specifically PhpStorm, PyCharm, and RubyMine (in addition to the existing supported IDEs, IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm). These new IDEs should work in the same fashion as WebStorm, though there are a few things to note about the behavior of Illuminated Cloud when hosted by specific IDEs:
    • PyCharm does not currently support the new SOQL/RegExp string literal injection feature. I have already raised the underlying issue with JetBrains and, once they address it, that feature should be available in PyCharm as well.
    • PyCharm is available in two primary editions, Professional and Community. Aside from the aforementioned issue with language injection, PyCharm Professional Edition should behave like all other for-pay lightweight JetBrains IDEs. PyCharm Community Edition, like IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, does not include the rich HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS features of the for-pay IDEs.
    • RubyMine does not seem to include the Copyright plugin. All other IDEs do include this plugin. I will raise this with JetBrains as it seems to be an oversight.
  • Issue 1330 - Updated the LWC new CSS action to better support LWC bundles with multiple components. Now if there are multiple component HTML files without respective CSS files, the user is prompted for which to create a CSS file. If there is only one component HTML file without a respective CSS file, a CSS file is created for that one. All component CSS files are now properly displayed in the tabbed editor view.
  • Issue 1346 - Fixed issue with generation of feature-based SObject variants in the OST. The OST must be regenerated after upgrading to or higher to see the effect of this fix.
  • Passwords and security tokens for native Illuminated Cloud connections are now stored using the IDE's PasswordSafe feature. Previously credentials have been stored in the application-level illuminatedCloud.xml file in an encrypted form. Upon first opening the IDE after upgrading to or higher, credentials for all configured native connections are automatically migrated into PasswordSafe. The exact storage mechanism used for PasswordSafe varies based on the host operating system, and options are described at the linked documentation or, in more detail, here.
    • NOTE: The keys for credentials stored in PasswordSafe's underlying storage mechanism are of the form IlluminatedCloudConnectionConfig::<connectionName>::<connectionType>::[password|securityToken].
    • NOTE: It is no longer possible to migrate connections with full credentials using the IDE's Export/Import Settings feature. All other connection configuration information is included in the resulting export archive, but passwords and security tokens are now stored separately in PasswordSafe.
    • NOTE: OAuth tokens for connections created using the Salesforce CLI, even if created from within Illuminated Cloud, are unaffected by this change.
  • Fixed another instance of the issue where the OST stub class could be returned when the same class exists in local project source roots.