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posted Jun 18, 2019, 7:26 AM by Scott Wells

  • Summer '19 / API 46.0 Update
    • Updated the SOAP API client to be based on API 46.0 WSDLs.
    • Added 46.0 as an available API version for connections.
    • Made the API version number combo-box editable so that versions which are not yet explicitly supported can be specified.
    • Incremented the OST version number to cue users to regenerate it to include Summer '19 / API 46.0 changes. Note that OST regeneration is not strictly necessary if you do not need access to these newer features, but it is recommended.
    • Updated the following libraries and resources to their Summer '19 / API 46.0 versions:
      • LWC standard component definitions
      • Integrated SLDS CSS (updated to 2.9.3)
      • Standard value sets
      • Integrated API documentation
      • SFDX features in scratch org creation dialog; also added feature parameter multiplier information where appropriate
      • SFDX JSON schema definition files
      • Metadata XSD for validation and code completion in metadata XML files