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posted Jun 11, 2018, 8:18 AM by Scott Wells

  • Issue 1002 - Summer '18/API 43.0 updates:
    • API client updated to v43.0 and 43.0 available as a selectable version for configured connections.
    • Full support for the new Apex switch statement including:
      • Grammar update for all variants (literal, enum constant, and SObject)
      • Syntax highlighter
      • Code formatter including new switch-specific configuration settings
      • Full auto-completion support
      • Reference injection for enum constants and SObject types/variables
      • Illegal assignment inspection enhancements
    • Added support for the new @NamespaceAccessible annotation.
    • Added all new Salesforce DX org shape features (CascadeDeleteContactsToMultipleAccountsStateAndCountryPicklist) for use during scratch org creation.
    • Integrated the new skipCodeCoverage unit test execution option.
      • By default code coverage is now only collected when tests are run explicitly with coverage. Tests executed using standard run or debug actions specify this new option and will not change code coverage metrics. According to Salesforce this should result in a 10-20% decrease in the time required to execute unit tests.
      • This behavior can be configured as desired using the Illuminated Cloud>Configure Application>Unit Tests and Code Coverage>Always Collect Code Coverage configuration option.
    • Added completion and integrated API documentation support for the new UITheme.getUITheme() Visualforce function.
    • Updated all affected bundled frameworks and libraries:
      • Lightning standard component library XSDs for all new and updated components
      • SLDS to 2.6.0
      • Aura JavaScript interfaces to latest
      • Integrated API docs for everything except for Lightning components. Lightning component documentation has changed significantly in this release so v42.0 component docs are still bundled. A future release will accommodate for these documentation changes.
    • NOTE: Report and dashboard subfoldering is currently not fully supported. The metadata enumeration APIs do not currently seem to return sufficient information about folder/subfolder relationships. I have reported this to Salesforce and will update the product for full support as soon as the API provides the required information.
    • NOTE: Due to additions and changes to Apex system types, you will be prompted to update the OST for each project when it is opened for the first time after this update. It is recommended that you perform this update, minimally for system classes and ideally also for SObject types. If you find that expected Summer '18 types are incorrect in the OST, please regenerate the OST before reporting issues. If issues remain after an OST update, please report them via the public issue tracker and they'll be resolved in short order.