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posted Feb 19, 2018, 10:54 AM by Scott Wells

  • Issues 640 and 857 - All subscriber-editable packaged metadata can now be added to metadata subscriptions and managed as part of the project.
  • Issue 867 - Fixed an issue with references to SObject fields in constructor initializer lists when the field is named the same as the SObject type.
  • Issue 868 - Standard tabs can now be added to metadata subscriptions and managed as part of the project.
  • Issue 874 - Fixed an issue with method override/implementation linking when type parameters are narrowed, e.g., List<SObject> is overridden/implemented using List<Contact>.
  • Issue 877 - Fixed an issue with allowed uncast assignment of lists/arrays of any level of nesting of SObject to a compatible nesting structure for a concrete SObject type.
  • Issue 880 - Fixed an issue with references to constructors via explicit constructor invocations, i.e., super. and this..
  • Issue 882 - Fixed an issue with @TestVisible annotations on enum types providing access to enum constants.
  • Issue 885 - Fixed an issue with the recent Debug Only filter in unit test results not properly restoring code hyperlinks after being toggled.
  • Fixed an issue with dedicated login conflict detection not properly recording last retrieved metadata times thereby resulting in false positives.
  • Fixed an issue with module validation not running after changing project configuration in a way that makes a module invalid, e.g., changing to a connection without an OST.
  • Fixed another class of "Test Ignored" issues. Hopefully most of these will now report the underlying issues at the class level.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.